Wednesday, 13 November 2019

One step forward

.. and two back. Well, I promised monthly updates but not significant progress.

My immediate goals were to assemble the exorcists I've ordered; and to start painting the vehicles and seraphim sorting out the colour scheme.  The tanks have only just arrived and I have just started pinning the metal parts to the plastic parts:
I have decided to assemble one vehicle as the organ pipe exorcist and to leave the other with open front and rear hatches so it can be a Rhino/Immolator/Exorcist as required.

I am painting the vehicles *Navy Blue* and some details in *Grey.  I made a terrible mess with Nuln Oil(Shade) on one vehicle but this should be easily rectified by brushing over with Kantor Blue(Base).

I choose the seraphim to start because of their open pose.  Probably because of their age I managed to break a few of the supports while base coating.  So I have decided to rebase all of the models onto 32mm bases using brass suport rods so expect a post over the next month or so detailing that procedure.

I will be using the Citadel Classic Paint Scheme as detailed in their app.  The basic colours I have used so far are:
*Navy Blue - Kantor Blue (Base), Nuln Oil (Shade) edged with Hoeth Blue (layer)
*Grey - Mechanicus Standard Grey (Base), Nuln Oil (Shade)
*Mustard - XV-88 (Base)

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